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We switched to Altice in January of 2019. The installation went smoothly at first.

We have 3 boxes. We soon noticed that one box, seldom used, would lose the volume after a short bit. Ironically on channel 12. We sort of tolerated this as is was seldom used, being in the bedroom.

However,, this past week the box developed an annoying, persistent hum. We shut it down and I brought it back to the facility in Norwalk. I was told that they do not swap out those boxes there. It requires a service call for which we will be charged!

He suggested I sign up for the service protection plan at $6.95 per month before calling for service.

Now, this is their equipment for which we pay handsomely. They want to charge me for a service visit to repair their equipment. Which also means someone has to stay home for the call.

This is outrageous.

We are pursuing this further and boy, do we regret the change. More reasons to cut the cord.

Product or Service Mentioned: Optimum By Altice Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Either swap out the box at the store or no charge for service.

  • Faulty Equipment
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